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chicken on porcelain plate with sauce on wooden table

​Prep Time:

Idle Time:

Cook Time



20 Mins


1.5 Hours

Gold Blend



  • Apple juice for Spritzing

  • Boneless/ Skinless Chicken Thighs

  • Can of Ortega whole chilies

  • GMG South of the Border Rub

  • toothpicks

You will have fun cooking this one. It does not require much effort unless you skimp and buy bone-in thighs. De-boning thighs can be a real pain, especially if the knife slips. So use boneless, skinless thighs and/or breasts. You will need bacon slices, a Can of Ortega whole chilies, toothpicks, and your chicken pieces. You can up the ante on this one with a jalapeno or habanero pepper at your own risk, but first remove the seeds.

Chicken Conquistador Preparation

  • Wash and pat dry the chicken pieces.

  • Rub each with a small quantity of Green Mountain “South of the Border” Spice Rub.

  • Place a chili on each of the chicken pieces.

  • Wrap each of them up in a piece of bacon and spike in place with a toothpick. I’ve heard the rumor for years that the dye in toothpicks of color will harm you, but I figure the FDA would never let that happen. Plus, there would be a whole lot of people in the hospital suffering from TDS (Toothpick Dye Syndrome) and somehow word of this would have gotten out. So use the they are a lot stouter than the regular ones, and they’re much easier to find when you drop yours on the ground!

  • You’ve thought ahead on this one and already have your grill going and stabilized at 275°C.

  • Put the chicken pieces on the grate and cook for 80-90 minutes or until done. Turn the pieces a few times while they cook and spritz with apple juice when you do. The bacon usually finishes at the same time as the chicken unless you’ve skimped again and bought bacon so thin you can shave with it.



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