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Pellet Dogs In a Blanket

pellet dogs cooked and placed on table with ketchup

​Prep Time:

Idle Time:

Cook Time



30 Mins


0.5 Hours

Gold Blend



  • Aluminum Foil

  • Bake at Home Crescent Rolls

  • Cookie Sheet

  • Meat Rub of Choice

  • Package of All Beef Hot Dogs

Pellet Dogs in a Blanket are a fun treat for any occasion. You laugh, but kids love these, and so do a lot of adults. I grew up on these! Heck, a world-famous restaurant in New York City – the Hideaway – has pigs in a blanket on the menu for eight bucks, and it can’t be a lot of them if French fries cost $7! Here, for eight bucks you can have a couple of dozen pellet dogs easy!

Pellet Dog in a Blanket Preparation

crescent roll dough laid out on table

So get your favorite pre-made crescent rolls (croissants) in the cardboard tube that explodes when you open it and scares your dog halfway across the room. Sprinkle one side of the dough with Green Mountain Pork Rub or Beef Rub. Use quality hot dogs (oxymoron?) and wrap them up inside the seasoned triangles.

uncooked pellet dogs wrapped in dough

Set on an ungreased cookie sheet. By now you have already turned your grill on to 375° and got it up to temperature. Neighborhood kids are pestering you to hurry.

uncooked pellet dogs wrapped in dough and stacked on top of each other

Friends and neighbors you haven’t seen in years stop by to watch you deftly cook these and to taste this delicacy when you finish.

It will take about 20-25 minutes or so to get the rolls golden brown like a Kansas wheat field. As my buddy Robert says, “Use lots of ketchup (or mustard if you prefer) and just wait for the extra fat to appear on your belly.”

Seriously, though, these really taste good, and they are almost always what you’re hungry for when you don’t know what you’re hungry for.




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