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Amber Beer Brats

beer brats and onions in frying pan with rosemary beside it

​Prep Time:

Idle Time:

Cook Time



10 Mins


​3 Hours

Apple Blend



6-8 German brats uncooked

3 tbsp brown sugar

8 oz salted butter (cut into 8 pieces)

1 sweet onion chopped into thick slices

1 bottle amber ale (22oz) (we used Oakshire amber)

Amber Beer Brats

Going smoked is the best way to prepare beer brats! A few ingredients, a few beers, and a few hours will make the best brats you’ve ever tasted. We enjoy our brats with Amber ales best, so we hit up our friends at Oakshire Brewing for their award winning Amber Ale.


-Preheat the grill to 250.

-In a large cast iron pan, add in thick onion slices, brown sugar, butter, and 6-8 German bratwurst sausages evenly spread out.

gloved man putting sliced onions in pan

-Pour a 22oz Amber Ale in the cast iron pan to fill it up around 80% of the way. You want it to cover most of the sausages.

-Place the pan into your smoker at 250 degrees for approximately 3 hours, stirring occasionally.

close up of brats and onions in a pan on a grill

-Once finished, we prefer it on a bun with added sauerkraut, beer battered onions, and bit of spicy mustard on top.




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